Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dig if you will the picture

After three days of packing, two days of driving, and one day of puttering, I am here in my new apartment in Minneapolis. First thoughts:
  • Why don't there seem to be any banks in Minnesota that also have branches in New York? This is frustrating, but it is also oddly consistent with the fact that Minnesota does not have teacher certification reciprocity with any other state (certainly not New York).
  • I may have left Brooklyn, but I'm living in a neighborhood called Prospect Park and teaching in a suburb called Brooklyn Park.
  • In New York, where there are only a handful of Targets, my closest Target was a mere three subway stops away. In Minneapolis, the breeding ground of Targets, it's impossible to get to Target without a car. (Or bike, Chris says.)
Meanwhile, the weather is gorgeous, my new place is wonderful, the people are friendly, and the locals are concerned about the integrity of their children's small intestines. (And oncoming saw blades.)