Sunday, February 21, 2010

Put your hands up

The School of Bloggers have been taking a short break to focus on an exciting development, namely:

Or at least, somebody got engaged and is getting married in December 2010. (!!!)

My students have been keeping up-to-date with every minute detail. A couple have met Chris; others have asked to see his picture on my cell phone. They asked a lot of questions, which gave me the opportunity to explain why Chris and I chose to propose to each other; why we had to do so much research into an ethical/environmentally responsible engagement ring; why I probably won't change my name. Not that my choices are any better or worse than the alternatives; just something new to chew on.

Their excitement also made it easier for me to break the news that I will be moving to D.C. this summer. I am lucky to have that alibi. I know so many committed and wonderful teachers who have to say goodbye to students for much more complicated reasons.