Wednesday, November 02, 2005

NYU grad students to strike

The NYU graduate employees have voted to strike. The professor who teaches my "Inquiries into Teaching and Learning" class told us that if they strike, she will not cross the picket line, and we'll have class off-campus. She's an adjunct, and apparently adjuncts went on strike at NYU a few years ago, although I'm not sure if that has anything to do with her decision to move class.


Tom Hoffman said...

I don't think the idea of "not crossing the picket line" is that you'll do the same work outside of the picket line. The point is that you won't work while your brothers and sisters are striking, whether or not you physically cross the line or not.

I'm afraid we're very close to just collectively forgetting the significance of a strike or a picket line.

julie said...

I know, I was confused by that. But I think the point is that the professors want to support the striking grad students while not hurting their own students. If classes meet off campus, the administration really won't know which classes were held as usual and which were cancelled, and a message will be sent.

BTW, it's GSOC that is encouraging professors to hold classes off campus. They are even helping to coordinate off-campus space.