Friday, January 20, 2006

Media Matters takes on "Stupid" 20/20 report

I'm glad somebody did it. I did not watch the whole show*, but I did watch selected highlights of Stossel's report on American schools on The report is extremely biased and, as Media Matters reports, leaves out a whole side of the issue.

The most dismaying thing to me about the 20/20 report is that it is so mainstream. Stossel does not shy away from making very conservative statements about "government monopolies," and this is prime time network television. My worry is that this is just where the country is right now, and 20/20 is a symptom rather than a cause. Despite all the crap that's spinning madly from the fan about the lack of accountability in the private sector, and despite all my hope that the public is losing confidence in business, maybe people really do still believe that private is necessarily better than public.

*Actually I did try to watch the video of the 20/20 report since apparently the org that I work for was mentioned, but in typical Julie style I stuck the tape into the VCR only to have the VCR immediately eat the tape.

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