Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A quiet 37.5 minutes

Another update on how the 37.5 minutes of extra tutoring is working at my school: I walked around yesterday looking for a few of my kids, and noticed that most of the classrooms were either empty or had only one or two students. It was the same today, and it was a little eerie to have the halls be so quiet (next to the windows was another matter, since most of the kids were outside fighting or cursing at each other). Since I complained about how crazy the 37.5 minutes has been, I suppose I shouldn't be upset about the calm that has come with the warm weather. Except for the fact that almost no kids are taking advantage of the extra time to get help from their teachers, which is not a good sign for a school where so many kids are failing. The more motivated kids (that actually need help with their schoolwork) in my after school program don't even seem to be getting anything out of these sessions, since I am spending several hours a day with them on projects, and they leave all their materials in my office. There is still a lot that needs to be ironed out with the extra tutoring.


vfick said...

What about asking some local businesses to donate some food and soda and rewarded the kids that stay for tutoring? Or the school could give tickets for a raffle or drawing, and the winner get movie tickets. (The tickets could be donated, too.)

One would think eduction and better grades would be reward enough, but alas, these students are not thinking long term yet.

NYC Educator said...

I think the period is a precursor to an extra teaching period. The UFT will dispute that, of course, but that's clearly the Chancellor's intention, and he's thus far proven a far more canny negotiator than the tired, huffing teacher union.