Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Privatizing NYC Public Schools

Julie will have plenty to say about this article in the NY Times today about the possibility of New York hiring private firms to run a number of public schools in the city. It goes without saying of course, but this is neo-liberalism in fine form. I particularly liked this quote from the DOE:

Kristen Kane, Mr. Klein’s chief of staff, said the department considered the groups crucial to the early success of the new schools. “What happens to that success when there is no more private money?” she asked. “Will there be more private money or will we need to explore other ways to continue this partnership if we believe that is a critical success factor?”

Apparently, private money is the only way to have success in low-performing public schools. I agree that the current situation in NYC isn't serving a lot of poor kids and I'm in favor of new soluations, but the idea that education technocrats with no accountability to the public are going to drastically improve things doesn't add up for me. How can Bloomy be the education mayor while he passes off responsibility for improving schools to private firms?

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Anonymous said...

I've got a better question for you--how can he be the education mayor when he's utterly failed to do anything substantive to improve the schools? Some test scores go up while others go down and it's touted as the best thing since sliced bread.

Frankly, even if test scores were the only criterion, such claims would be equally absurd. You know what Mayor Mike did for my 250% capacity school this year? He sent us 500 more kids.