Friday, May 11, 2007

"Graffiti Hurts"

Just came across a really bizarre organization. Apparently graffiti is not only a crime, it's a moral hazard that only "quick and effective eradication" can prevent. Of course the most quick and effective method of eradication, according to the site, is using a lot of paint to cover the graffiti. Fortunately the organization receives funding from the Sherwin Williams Company.

The site even provides lesson plans for teachers to teach students "why graffiti is harmful to them, their neighborhood, and their community." Actually I would love to do one of the lessons with my students, which includes the following assignments:
  1. Students write a story, poem or essay that includes his/her feelings when seeing something defaced with graffiti.
  2. Students imagine they are a wall defaced with graffiti.
I think it would be a really interesting conversation.

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