Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is college for everyone?

One of the most commonly searched phrases that ends up sending people to this site is "college isn't for everyone." I guess it goes to one of Chris's posts about his experience in an after-school program.

Edutopia now has a poll up on the question "Should all students go to college?" As of this minute, 63% of 176 respondents answered "No. College is just one of many paths students can take after high school, and is by no means the only road to success."

I was actually one of them. But I hope I don't send the same message to my students that the teachers in Chris's school did.

As the career coordinator, I try to put college on the agenda of every student - particularly those who'd be the first in the family to go, and who haven't really considered it. I do all I can to keep the possibility open: I have them take the PLAN test in 10th grade; I arrange college tours and bring in speakers as often as I can. I offer college and FAFSA workshops throughout the year.

I do my best to help kids make an informed decision. But I would not push college on a kid if it wasn't his or her choice. I believe kids when they tell me they don't believe college is for them. And I let them know that after they graduate, if they ever do decide to go, they can always come to me for advice and a recommendation - I will always be their career counselor.

I try to send the message that any of them could succeed in college (given the proper support), but that I believe and trust their decisions.

Does that make sense?


maria said...

College is really necessary for everyone. Time which we spend in college give good exposer. Things which we do in college give good experience for life. Infact we enjoy in college and make a good career.

Maria from sprachurlaub barcelona

Anonymous said...
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Harry said...
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Tina said...

YEs..College is necessary for everyone. We go to college after school with new dreams and new life. One who is stable and doing to make the dreams come true will get the best benefits of college. People like me who are there to enjoy won't really get benefits. :)

Any's great post. College is necessary and time which we spent in college we remember that for life time..

Tina from Sprachkurse Barcelona

clia said...

what if ur someone like me, who is freakin shy and a loner and has no chance against the humane world out there?

P.S. i would not even dare to say this verbally to a human being outside of my comfort zone.