Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another wrinkle in the elephant buttock that is American health care

Earlier this year one of our students told me that he didn't want me to call his mom about some transgression or another. Nothing new, except in this case: "She says she's going to send me back to Mexico if I keep getting in trouble."

When I did call her, what she told me was that she was no longer able to afford his ADHD medication up here. She wanted to send him there to live with family and get his medication from the doctor in Mexico.

Yesterday he came in, packed up his stuff, and said goodbye to his friends. I asked if he'd send us a postcard. He looked at me as if I had suggested he use the Pony Express.

I hope he gets better care than he's gotten here. And I hope someday we get better care here than we have now.

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