Saturday, October 08, 2005

Get off your ath let's do some math

Not in some classes at my school. A parent came in last week to complain that her son's class had been without a math teacher since the first week of school. She didn't speak much English, so the front office blew her off and told her to wait for a month until they found a new teacher.

It would have been great if the office had tried to communicate with the parent and listen to her concerns (or at least explain what was going on), but the real problem here, and it is a big one, is that some 7th graders are going without math teachers when they are required to pass a math exam in order to be promoted. Can we take Bloomy's and Klein's "no social promotion" policy seriously when they obviously are not putting enough resources towards retaining and hiring qualified teachers in high-need schools? Not having math teachers at this school shouldn't take anyone by surprise - apparently one class didn't have a teacher for several months last year.

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mathedny said...

This is an excellent point. My school was without a math teacher for the first 3 weeks and last year we were without one for over one month. These were Math A courses too!! Why hasn't anyone collected this data and presented it to the bloomberg or the press. organizationally, teachers are not empowered to have access to this type of data. It must be available if someone did a little researching.