Monday, October 03, 2005

Why can't we live in a Jeb Bartlett world?

On last night's West Wing, a reporter asks Josh if he had a comment on the New York Post. Josh says he's against it. And that remark is off the record.

I appreciated that comment even more so today after reading the NY Post's "INVESTIGATION" on "Teacher Brain Drain" in New York City.

Of course, being the NY Post, they try to play the blame game with the brain drain and blame it on seniority rules. They give a couple of lines to the UFT's argument, which is that "seniority transfers are a negligible factor in pay disparity, claiming just 118 veteran teachers fled low-performing schools for better ones last year. Seventy-six seasoned teachers did the opposite, the union said."


Tim said...

I just like the fact that, in Jeb Bartlett's world, a presidential candidate has made education his top priority. And is sincere about it. Now THAT'S fiction.

NYC Educator said...

You are so right.

How sad that is.