Sunday, January 28, 2007


Anybody recognize this little ditty?
I am a wonder, I am a whee
I am known as Peabody
What am I like? Just look and see
Then you'll know me, Peabody
If so, please email and let me know what it's from. It has something to do with a puppet, a record, kindergarten, and the 80s, but Google is failing me on this one.

UPDATE: Google eventually did lead me here, where I found this very apt description of the puppet I'm remembering:
I think it was something to do with the Peabody Reading Scheme and another puppet called Peamoonie(?) He was the one that looked like Hitler in a baseball cap, had a magic wand and an awful song which, embarrassingly, I can still remember!

UPDATE II: Further obsessive Googling (have I mentioned that there is actual work that I should be doing?) revealed that his name was actually "P. Mooney," that he is part of a language program that is still in use, and that he looks something like the dude on the left below, although the puppet from my memory is a lot more like the puppet described above, with a much more bulbous head.


JDW said...

In 1978 as a 6 year old I attended speech therapy classes at my primary school in Leeds, UK. I was quite a difficult little kid but remember sitting listening to a strange little puppet called Peamoonie that would pop up and start singing the Peamoonie song!! I googled the name having been reminded of it for some reason and came up with this blog! I remember once grabbing for Peamooine which must have been a bit of a shock for the speech therapist.. Strange what memories we retain, I can still remember the tune to the song!

Julie said...

:) This is what the Google is for.

I still remember the tune too!

Funny that we have the same memory even though I was growing up in Atlanta, Georgia (southern United States).

sugarbunny119 said...

I remember P. Mooney, but I dont recall what he looked like, just that his name was p. mooney. I remember he had a friend named Zoeie, and she had a song that went something like "zoeie, zoeie. Zoeie knows what to dooooo."

Sol Breddah said...

I grew up in Montreal, and I remember this from Kindergarten; 1976 to be exact,lol!! I can still see the puppet in my mind.

Gaines Post said...

I was doing dishes just now, got this tune in my head, and have been searching the web for the past 20 minutes trying to find it; that's what led me here. I'd be very interested in finding a recording of the song (the original recording, that is).

'Grew up in Tennessee in the '70s and remember singing the song in elementary school. Anyone know where I can find the original recording? Thanks in advance!

Denise Schiller said...

I too remember this song. It plagues me at random moments because I'll be doing something and start singing this song. people look at me like I'm a fool but it was so pounded into my head when I was young and impressionable. I found this and I think it will help with your nastalgic flurry. I too had to revisit. Hope you enjoy! ;)