Monday, July 27, 2009

History Shmistory

Okay, here is another question for any students or teachers of history out there:

For the AP World History class I'll be teaching, I'd like to have a class set of texts. Not a textbook, since my school can't afford it, but something similarly comprehensive.

I was just looking at the New Penguin History of the World, but based on the reviews it looks like it's a little too Eurocentric for my taste. But I guess this Roberts guy is considered something of a guru, so maybe I could supplement it with my own readings.

This book, The Origins of the Modern World, is a great, short text, but I'm afraid the language is too difficult. I may use it as a supplement.

I also came across The People's History of the World, which I have not read, but since I'm a big Zinn fan I'll definitely check it out.

Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and have them all get the AP prep book. Then they can read texts on smaller topics in literature circles (like King Leopold's Ghost) (strokes beard excitedly...).

Any ideas? Anyone read any of these books? Help me please!!!

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