Friday, June 17, 2005

acaademia's union busters strike again

now that the National Labor Relations Board has overturned the 2000 decision that allowed NYU graduate employees, and all graduate employees of private universities, to form a union, NYU is planning to disband the union before the start of Fall Semester.

it's a tricky subject, because it's harder to have sympathy for grad students than it is for, say, migrant farm workers. but here's the bottom line: as universities start acting more and more like corporations, they are relying more and more on graduate students, adjunct and part-time faculty for cheap labor. despite their non-profit status, they are acting no different from any major corporation, and therefore these workers are entitled to representation to ensure that they are not abused.


Joe Thomas said...

Excellent point.

Businesses will always displace the costs of doing business in the form of cheap labor.

Americans enjoy Consitutional rights to petition and assemble and the implied right of association.

Denying them these rights is an un-American attempt to not only silence their collective voices, but to demean their contributions to the whole.

DR said...


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