Wednesday, June 29, 2005

School's over, but the debate about test scores isn't

Several articles today look at the debate over what New York City's recent test score increases mean. In this NYT article, Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz (head of the education committee) questions Bloomberg's assertion that higher test scores represent greater student achievement and continues to call for more information to be released so the reliably of these scores can be analyzed. In response to this criticism, Klein is thinking about creating an independent panal to evaluate student performance (similar to Chicago's), reports the Daily News. Finally, this Newsday article has Schools Chancellor Klein sounding optimistic about next year even as Moskowitz hammers away about low morale throughout the school system.

I think having this debate is good for NYC schools, and I'm glad the City Council isn't taking Bloomberg and Klein on their word that one year of rising test scores means that real progress is being made towards fixing city public schools.

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