Saturday, June 25, 2005

More controversy over test scores

Newsday reports today that New York State Regents math tests will be rescored because the exam was deemed to be too difficult. Apparently a much higher percentage of high school students failed the exam than in previous years, leading the state Dept. of Education to issue a "conversion chart" for the scores. But the article also mentions a high volume of complaints from parents had something to do with the decision. It will be interesting to see the details of where these complaints came from and whether the income level of the parents had anything to do with the decision. A parent and the superintendent from Harborfields, NY (Long Island) are quoted in the article - and I see that the high school there has some pretty striking differences from the average NY public school - a much higher percentage of white students (84% to 58%), a much lower percentage of students on free lunch (3% compared with 26%) and a pretty high median income level in the district ($69,657 to $43,515).

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