Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another school year, still no contract

UFT contract fails to materialize yet again. (Via NYC Educator)

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redhog said...

Cancer has been killed. Cured by a doctor who devoted all her gifts of brain and character. The world celebrates. Everyone is elated by mankind's victory over this merciless force of darkness. It had devastated us all at some point. Fete the physician!

Ah, not so fast! There has been a catch. Turns out that the doctor herself had something to gain by conquering cancer. It was part of an agenda-driven scam to benefit her own stricken cousin. Bounce back her prize. It was awarded under false pretenses. Her feat is discredited because she will have a share in its universal benefit.

The United Federation of Teachers union is the doctor. If its research produced the silver bullet against the malignancy of ignorance, and its therapy would collaterally improve teachers' standard of living or the quality of their professional life, the reactionary lobbies would sooner see the healing of children negated than concede the teachers union its contribution.