Friday, August 12, 2005

Testing Mills

More on the NY score release lag in the NY Times today.

I have it from my sources that NY Education Commissioner Richard Mills could release the scores today if he wanted to; apparently, year after year, he holds onto the scores until it's a good time politically to hold a press release. My source says that he has, in the past, waited until November to release the scores.

If this is true, then NYC public school students are taking twice as many tests for nothing, as this Daily News editorial suggests.

P.S. How would Mills respond to this post? Check out this line from that interview from ETS linked above:
Objections to accountability are often hidden in objections to the tests.


ms. frizzle said...

What? He WAITS until it's a good time politically for a press release? WHY?!

My students and I are waiting. I need this information because it will help me - as dept. chair - to improve my science department. I need to know what we taught well, what we taught poorly, and how we stack up against other good schools.

This is SO frustrating.

julie said...

According to my source, individual student reports may be shared with teachers and parents. However, you won't know how you stack up against other schools until Mills decides to have his press conference, a date for which has apparently not yet been set.

In our case, we know the scores for our students, and they're awesome, but we can't publicize the good news until the embargo is lifted.

Isn't that crazy? Let's spread the word!