Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm not worthy

Joe Williams at the Chalkboard has some really great examples of how charter schools are working "to bring respect to the teaching profession other than old-school collective bargaining."

Worth wondering, however, how many of these schools would be working so far if it weren't for the threat of old-school collective bargaining.

Also worth noting that there are a lot of charter schools that do not treat their teachers this way. And finally, worth wondering if there's a correlation between how professionally a school treats its teachers and those test scores. (State ELA scores coming out on Monday.)

And even finally-er, worth wondering if I'm worthy of posting when my brain is fried by 100 degree heat.


NYC Educator said...

Well, if I were doing three weeks of training in the summer, and coming in to teach on August 21, and teaching longer days, receiving inferior health benefits, receiving an inferior pension (if any),and subject to being fired at the whim of Eva Moscowitz, I'd hardly consider $5,000 and a massage as compensation.

Of course, that's just me.

I've also been told that only two of Eva's teachers graduated before 2000, and I have to doubt that all teachers would even receive the alleged bonus, let alone comparable pay.

ed at aft said...

I pretty much agree with nyc educator. The massage is paternalistic (maternalistic?) and likely says more about the giver (aren't I great?) than the recipient. I do think some of the other ideas expressed in Williams post are worth thinking about. But most of them are improved working conditions -- laptops and cells, rescheduled year to allow breaks etc- as opposed to rewards. Its like being happy they gave me chalk, but on a grand scale. And even then some of it seems designed to break down the walls between work and leisure.