Friday, January 05, 2007

More middle school

I kept meaning to post on this NYTimes op-ed piece from a while back about hyper-sexual middle school girls. To be honest, the dancing doesn't really bother me that much, and it just seems like more in the continuing saga of adults being offended by kids' dance moves dating back to Elvis. (I have fond memories of a high school pep rally being suddenly dismissed after the step team "simulated intercourse" on the half court line.)

What really shocked me, though, were the t-shirts that girls would come in wearing that said things like,

"Trust me, I'm legal"


"I'm even cuter online"

Needless to say, these t-shirts were teeny-tiny. It's one thing to put yourself out there as a sexual being. It's another to put yourself out there as a willing victim of an adult sexual predator. These t-shirts were most likely designed to be tongue-in-cheek, but I doubt most eighth graders really get it.

Or am I just another Elvis-basher?


Leo Casey said...

Sorry, but this is not new.

Fifteen years, a young lady strode down the halls of my then high school wwaring a tear shirt, with the front saying, "You can not f*** me for free" and the back saying "But you can eat me out."

To make a long story short, I made sure that in addition to losing the shirt, she had to have some long talks with the female school psychologist. The upshot of that was that she was made at me -- what right did I have to stick my nose in her business.

Leo Casey said...

Jeez, sorry for all those typos. Must be something Freudian about this topic.

Holden said...

I used to teach in inner city DC schools where freak dancing was the rage. Essentially the girls would put their hands on the floor and gyrate and the boys would dance with the girls' behinds. The most disturbing thing to me was the absence of eye contact. I don't think it's old fashioned or prude to comment on behavior that is dehumanizing.