Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's alive. Or, Am I really going to eat this?

A coworker gave me a "starter" baggie for "Amish Friendship Bread." There's some kind of yeast or something living in there that froths, and you feed it sugar, flour and milk for ten days, and then you can make it into a babka-like treat.

I'm familiar with the concept of a sourdough starter, and I can basically get the science behind it. But that doesn't really explain how I'm going to leave milky dough sitting out on my counter for ten days and avoid a) a major stink, and b) a foul-tasting end product. Any insights?

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ms. v. said...

I've done it a long time ago with mixed results. I imagine your friend gave you care instructions? I can't add much except that sourdough made from real starter is SO good.... it's certainly worth a shot for a month or so...