Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Immigrant Scholarships in Boston

According to the Boston Globe, a group of Boston colleges are thinking about providing scholarships for undocumented immigrants in the city's public schools. The aid, which will be gathered through private donations, will be around $5,000 each year per student. The colleges are taking action after Gov. Romney has vowed to veto a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants that attended public schools in Massachusetts for 3 years to pay in-state tuition (he vetoed a similar bill last year).

The decision by the group of Boston colleges shows that the problem of undocumented immigrant access to college just isn't going to disappear by not allowing these students to pay in-state tuition. Colleges want smart immigrant kids to go to their schools, and it looks like some are willing to make it happen even if politicians like Romney try to stand in the way.

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Claudia said...

Thank you for mentioning this issue. I feel it is ridiculous to limit immigrant opportunities even more. Let's make the needy needier!!! It is great to know that neither students nor universities will give up. I am a Boston resident and I was furious when I saw the article and news interviews of random people who knew nothing about immigrants populations or education.